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Sales Executive

Matthew Dwyer is a very technically skilled, intelligent, and reliable ISP & MSP Sales Executive at Griffin Resources. His specialty is working with ISP’s (Internet Service Providers). Matt’s ability to understand the complexity of computer data, storage, and networking enables him to work closely with highly specialized data center engineers, data center analysts, field engineers, and almost anyone involved in onsite or remote data related build outs. Matt worked for recycling and resale companies for over a decade. His love for re-engineering or reusing electronic material was the primary stepping stone he used to get himself to where he is today.

Matt Dwyer- My Story

Matt was originally born in small town Pueblo, CO. It’s known as the Home of Heroes or as the Steel City. A place where he was raised to be reliable and calm in the face of adversity. His love of computers at a young age sparked his interest in the more complex features of computing and his love of diversity amongst people drove him from his small town all around the US and the world.

Prior to joining Griffin Resources, Matt attended Oklahoma Christian University and later enlisted in the United Stated Navy, where he worked in the US Submarine Force as a Sonar Technician (STS2/SS). He earned his submarine warfare qualification during his time in the Navy. After his time in the Navy, he worked in the ITAD/recycling industry with three different companies. He has sold millions of dollars in equipment both domestically and overseas. Matt has a very established knowledge industry wide on international sales and logistics. However, one of his greatest achievements while in the ITAD industry included helping deliver 5,000 laptops to underprivileged foster youth across the US.    

Matt has a brain that always works, but when he’s not at work, he enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures, and going to the people…but not to the tourist spots. He also enjoys biking and swimming. Most of all, soccer is his first love. Football is life.

Why Work With Me?

Heavily experienced sales rep with a deep understanding of systems development. Has a great appreciation of the fact that the customer is the foundation of any company.



Bachelor of Science, Information Technology and Business
Oklahoma Christian University

Submarine Warfare Qualification


Matt, Ilse, and Brennen moved from Thornton, CO to Tampa, FL in 2020.


Matt’s wife Ilse Dwyer de Boer immigrated from the Netherlands in 2010. They both love traveling.

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